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Meet Your Coaches

Dustin Del Rio & Ashley Dance

Dustin is a coach and co-owner of the Calisthenics Training Center. He started his path to training and coaching through participating in athletics growing up and learning from an early age how to train to increase performance. He continued his studies in health and human performance at the University of Tennessee at  Chattanooga. Weight lifting was a big part of his training until an unfortunate chronic back injury forced him to change his style of training forever. The injury turned out to be a blessing as it opened his eyes to a form of bodyweight training known as calisthenics. Through calisthenics he was able to continue to train safely, learn new challenging skills, and add fun to his routine. He has had almost no back issues since starting this style of training and has found it to be more challenging and functional than traditional weight lifting.

Ashley is the two-time Nashville Fit Magazine’s fittest woman winner and co-owner of the Calisthenics Training Center. She started learning about the body and how effective bodyweight training could be when she began gymnastics as a child. She excelled and made it to a level nine before becoming a track star in high school, which lead to a scholarship to Samford University and the opportunity  to sprint and be coached at the collegiate level. After years of long hours in the gym and a very strenuous training schedule, Ashley found herself burnt out and disinterested in her workouts. After a brief hiatus from training, and a little soul searching, she was able to come back to training through a style that peaked her interest, calisthenics! Calisthenics combined some of the skills she used in gymnastics and allowed for workouts to be fun again. Ashley loves sharing this fun style of training with her friends, family and clients.


How to start training with us

"Train Different"


Personal Training

The value of personal training is priceless to most of our clients. We will hold you accountable, keep you consistent, and provide you one of a kind coaching here in Nashville.

Calisthenics Basics Class

Learn the basics of calisthenics and build a strong foundation to bodyweight training. Mornings M-W-F 6am and 9:30am.  Evenings M-W 5:30pm or T-TR 4:30pm.


We offer two partner acrobatics classes a month. Beginner acrobatics is offered every 3rd Tuesday of the month and intermediate acrobatics is the first Wednesday of every month. Private lessons are also available upon request.

Upcoming Workshops and Series Classes

"Learn, Practice, Improve"


Intermediate Handstand Series with Ashley Dance

Mondays 7pm //Starts November 25th and continues for 5 weeks.

This 5-week series will dive deeper than the basics of the handstand. We will use warm ups, drills, and conditioning to improve the straight line handstand. We will explore different shapes entering and while in handstand including: straddles, tucks, stags, hollow back shoulders, etc. The other main training component for this series will be press handstands. We may use blocks and canes as well. This class is for those that have been practicing handstands for awhile and are ready to build on the foundation they already have. You do not need to have a perfect handstand yet, but please come with some experience. As someone that learns more from feeling than watching, I think proper spotting is very helpful and I plan to take time each class to spot each person at some point. I'm really excited about building a little handstand community. Hope you're a part of it!


Calisthenics Training Center
2517 Eugenia ave. suite 204
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